Bespoke garden rooms, inspired by your lifestyle.

Help us to understand your requirements and we will prepare your free personal quote today.

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Bespoke garden rooms, inspired by your lifestyle.

Help us to understand your requirements and we will prepare your free personal quote today.

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Green Timber Build is the home of eco-friendly, timber framed garden rooms that are made to measure. Every one of our builds is a bespoke creation, tailored to the personal needs of the client. A garden room means different things to different people, so our aim is to understand your needs, to capture your vision, and to design a unique outdoor living space that will perfectly enhance your lifestyle.

What We Do


The first step is for us to understand what you want from your garden room, and how it will complement your lifestyle. Will it be a children’s play area, a home office, a garden gym, an outdoor bar or party room, a peaceful retreat, or an elegant summer house?


We create stunning garden rooms of all shapes and sizes and specialise in both contemporary and traditional designs. We can install a flat or pitched roof using slate, shingle, or EPDM rubber. Options and variations include bi-fold doors, decking and/or a walkway, an overhang, an attached shed, a dog door…the possibilities are endless.


We tailor the build to the landscape of your garden, and can use anything from concrete flags to steel legs to raise the structure off the ground, so there is no need for a foundation. We can even remove an old garage or shed and use the original concrete base. Planning permission is not normally required, but when necessary we partner with chartered architects to avoid problems or delays.


Everything is built and finished on site, from the timber frame and the plastering to the internal fittings, such as fitted desks, shelving and storage. As we make your vision a reality, we are committed to the highest quality, from start to finish.

Get in touch today to discuss your personal needs and preferences and we would be happy to prepare a custom proposal.

What Makes Us Different

  Bespoke Creations

Every build is different. Your bespoke, timber framed garden room is perfectly tailored to your space, your requirements and your lifestyle.

  Unique Designs

As well as contemporary timber and glass structures, we specialise in an elegant, traditional style, with detailing such as panelled walls, verandas and picket fences.

  Green and Sustainable

We use eco-friendly materials, including sustainable timber (approved by the forestry commission) and anything left over from the build is recycled. Your garden room is also expertly insulated for energy conservation.

  High Quality Finish

We pride ourselves on an exceptional finish – inside and out. We can install custom built internal fixtures and fittings, and we partner with fully qualified electricians to get your new garden room ready for use!

What makes us different mob

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